3 Ways Career Change Coaching Can Make Your Job Search Easier

Job hunting can be daunting at the best of times, sometimes it can help to share the burden. A career change coach will help you to build a clear picture what you want, enjoy and need from a role in order to maximize your chances of landing your dream job.

1.         Who are you?

Think about the way your identity evolved since you were at high school, you’re not exactly the same person, right? As you grow as a person, your ideas about yourself change. It’s not unusual to find that a company or job that once felt like the most natural fit in the world no longer represents who you are and leaves you feeling dissatisfied or disconnected. Career coaching can help you to understand your core values and motivations so that you know what you want in a job. This can limit the risk of ending up in a job that isn’t ‘you’.

2.         What interests you?

Do you feel passionately about your job or are you counting down the days to your next holiday? How much easier is work when you’re in an industry or field that you can get excited about? If you take the time to work out what gets you fired up you can minimize the chance of a misstep. Looking at things from a different angle can highlight bring out your real interests and a coach can help you explore all the possibilities- including the ones that hadn’t occurred to you yet.

3.         What do you need from a role?

More money, flexible working, the security of a big company or the excitement of a start up. Whatever you are looking for, you need to be clear about it otherwise you run the risk of wasting time with pointless interviews or in the worst case scenario ending up in the wrong job! A coach can help you to evaluate your priorities and build a list of criteria to screen opportunities against.

If you think career change coaching could help you make your next move, or you simply want to find out more about it, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!