Media Round Up

Like most people I’m constantly bombarded with news through my social feeds and I rarely have time to read everything. I love tools like Evernote and Pocket and use them on the go to save links and articles to revisit later, unfortunately all that saved reading can get a bit out of hand! Here I’ve dived into into the big list of career and lifestyle content I’ve watched, read and listened to recently, sorted the good from the bad and compiled the results for your enjoyment. 


This interesting piece on Forbes looks at the growth of the gigging economy and the rise of freelancing. Interesting reading if you’ve ever had an inkling that a regular 9 to 5 might not be your thing.

Spend money on doing stuff, not buying stuff. This is a great piece from Travis Bradbury on the Huffington Post and something that echoes my thinking entirely. Perfect if you need some motivation to get out there and do something with the long weekend!

There has been some particularly dispiriting reporting in the last couple of weeks regarding the gender pay gap and maternity discrimination. This opinion piece by Anushka Asthana, the Joint Political Editor of The Guardian, makes a strong case for flexible working for both sexes (equality works for everyone!) as well as neatly summarising recent reports from Glassdoor, the Human Rights and Equalities Commission and the Women and Equalities Committee


In Lonely at the Top (BBC Radio 4) Evan Davis meets with a panel of senior executives to discuss coaching and mentoring.  Gavin Patterson (BT Group) and Melanie Richards (KPMG)and executive coach and mentor Jonathon Bowman-Perks clear up some misconceptions regarding the role of the coach and the client/ coach relationship- it’s definitely worth listening to if you are interested in executive coaching or have ever wondered about bringing an advisor on board.

On the Podcast front, Freakonomics have rebroadcast the first instalment of their two-parteron the Economics of Sleep. The topic of sleep seems to be cropping up a lot at the moment – Arianna Huffington has a book coming out on the subject and Apple have introduced NightShift in their latest software update.This podcast takes a look at the relationship between sleep, health and social factors, exploring the case for sleep being as important to us diet and exercise. I’m looking forward to part-two next week.


Back to the BBC and Employable Me (available on iplayer), an illuminating and moving exploration of the challenges neurological conditions like Tourette’s and Autism present when job hunting. This is a must watch and serves as a poignant reminder that you should never judge a book by its cover.


So there you go, just a little selection from the last couple of weeks, hopefully there’s some food for thought here.


Jess Wright is a Career Coach working in both London and Manchester. If you’d like to know more about how Periscope Works can help you, get in touch.