Media Round Up

To spare you the pain of trawling through the TV schedules, podcast charts and news feeds, I’ve done the legwork and compiled a handy review of the best career-related news and media from the last few weeks. Don’t worry though, it’s not all listicles and interview tips…


I harbour a not so secret ambition to work remotely from the French Alps and while I’m a little way off realising my goal this gallery from The Guardian was a nice reminder that working remotely is possible. #WorkGoals


After making some pretty drastic lifestyle changes to escape my morning slog to the office, having an hour to myself on a bus or a train with a book has once again become something to be savoured. However, for a long time getting from wherever i lived in London to Clapham Junction and back every day was something I loathed. This piece by Oliver Burkeman takes a look at embracing your commute, or not.  
Are you looking for a job right now? If you’re using a recruiter this article from is well worth a read. Suzanne Lucas clears up some misconceptions around the common untruths candidates tell and why you need to quit telling your recruiter porky pies.
….And if you really hate your job, have a read of this offering from and be grateful that you’re not doing something really grim in Victorian London.


I’m a massive podcast fan and I’m secretly addicted to American entrepreneurial interviews like EO Fire and The Top. I’m not entirely sure what I find so compelling about them but it’s something to do with the enthusiasm of the hosts, the blatant self-promotion by all parties, and the interrogation the guests let themselves in for- quite simply they offer brilliant entertainment!
 I’m a newcomer to the work of Monocle and it was great to discover ‘The Entrepreneurs’  which takes the aforementioned format and gives it a more conversational  twist.  Episode 231 might be a few weeks old but it’s well worth a listen, especially the interview with the family behind Tyrells Crisps and Chase Vodka, a resurrection story by way of two of my favourite potato products.

I regularly listen to the  Hidden Brain from NPR, for those unfamiliar with the show Shanker Vedantem looks at the hows and whys of human behaviour. This episode 25 'Dream Jobs' explores the differences in how we each view our work roles with Yale psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski . I’d love to hear in the comments whether you think you have a job, a career or a calling.


I’m a pretty accomplished procrastinator and while attempting to write a recent assignment  I watched some excellent TED talks (not a total waste of time- they’re educational!) This duo from the 2016 TED Conference not only  educated me about procrastination but also facilitated it.
Tim Urban’s  Inside The Mind of a Master Procrastinator rang some bells while Adam Grant’s The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers offered a glimmer of hope ( I use Chrome, that’s all I’ll say). Well worth a watch, particularly if you’re avoiding doing something.

'good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement'

Wise words, and so opens the  trailer for UnBranded,  a film currently on tour with the Banff Film Festival. 
If you can’t get to the last few dates on the UK tour where you can watch a whole host of inspiring films in addition to this,  I’d recommend that you watch the film at . It’s not strictly career related but I love the idea of embracing an entirely different sort of adventure.

So there you go, I hope these keep you entertained. Please feel free to submit comments and suggestions below.

Jess Wright is a Career Coach working in both London and Manchester. For further information about Coaching and Careers Advice get in touch