Four Signs You Need A New Job

Everyone dislikes their job from time to time but if the cons outweigh the pros it might be time to look out for something new. Here are four signs that you might be in the wrong role and may want to start looking at alternative employment options.

1.         Weekend fear and weekday blues.

Thinking about work ruins Sunday. Monday is shrouded in an aura of doom and gloom. You’re counting down to Friday and freedom.

These are sure signs that you should probably be looking for something new. It might be unrealistic to expect to leap out of bed raring to get to the office every single morning but it shouldn’t be ruining your life and you certainly shouldn’t be wishing the week away. If your waking weekday instinct is to hide beneath the duvet it might be time to act.

2.        You’re just doing it for the money. 

Granted, not everyone has the luxury of doing something that they adore all the time- but you can at least try! If you’re living from payday to payday and the only redeeming quality of your role is your salary, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your career choices.

Ask yourself, ‘if they doubled my pay would I still dislike my job?’ And,’ If I was offered 10% less to do another role would I take it?’. If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions it might be time to start looking around. 

3. You moan about your job. Constantly.

Everyone moans about their job from time to time but if you never have anything positive to say and work is all you complain about then it’s probably time to look for a new opportunity. A Friday night grumble in the pub after a long week is one thing, allowing it to dominate all conversation is another.

If you can’t find anything good to say- get out of there!

4. It’s impacting your health

Staying in a job you hate is bad for your health. There are the immediate impacts, for example, studies have shown that people who dislike their roles are more likely to sleep badly, suffer from stress and are less likely to find the time to exercise. These physical impacts have in turn been linked to weight gain and depression. Staying in the wrong job has also been linked to a less effective immune system and a higher possibility of contracting something really nasty – surely a good reason to get out and find something that makes you happier.

Jess Wright is a Career Coach working in both London and Manchester. If you'd  like to know more about how Periscope Works can help you find work that's worth getting out of bed for, get in touch