What exactly is Career Coaching?

One of the most frequent questions we get is ‘What can I expect from Career Coaching?’
There’s quite a lot of confusion, Coaching is a broad term and covers a range of approaches. Here we’ve attempted to clear things up a bit.

What it is...

It is Confidential and impartial
These are two cornerstones of the working alliance. You should feel safe working with your career consultant and their responsibility should be towards you, the client.
Even if you are undertaking coaching in an organisational context or it is being paid for by a third party, you should be the focus of the sessions, the coach should have no agenda and they should not be providing feedback to any interested parties without your permission.
Check out your career coach or counsellor’s professional membership it’s important that their practice is governed by a code of ethics. The main bodies are AC, EMCC and ICF.

Its is Informed by a wide array of practices.
Career Coaching is a relatively new and developing discipline. It’s informed by psychological and counselling theory and adopts techniques from counselling and therapy. There are as many definitions doing the rounds as there are approaches!
If you’re considering working with a coach you should ask them about their theoretical orientation and what approach they practice and make sure you can get on board with it.

It is goal orientated.
Like business coaching and executive coaching, career coaching as we practice it has an end goal in mind. Whether you are sense checking a move, or looking to change roles entirely our goal is to get you to a point where you are informed enough to make up your mind or begin taking action.

What it’s not…

It’s not  Counselling or Therapy and it would be unethical to pretend it is. It certainly isn’t Life Coaching either. if your problem isn’t career focused you should probably see a different sort of practitioner. Of course, the lines between work and personal lives are blurred, and issues come up that impact the way you think about your career or influence your actions, and we’ll certainly talk about them.  However, if they threaten to significantly shift the focus or take over  a good coach will refer you to an expert who can help.

It’s not a mystical process that magically provides you with answers. Sorry, but it’s true, you’re going to have to put in some work!
The good news is, a lot of that work happens in session or in the session prep (we try not set you more than 30 minutes a time) and subconsciously in between times. We often see clients becoming much more aware of their options and noticing more opportunities over the course of coaching.

If you're interested in finding out more about Periscope Works and what we offer please get in touch via the contact page or drop us a note at hello@periscopeworks.com. We're always happy to answer your questions and talk about how Career Coaching can work for you.