What People Say…

To help me with the next step of my career, I was looking for guidance as to how to define my own goals and set expectations across both work and lifestyle. I was embarking on what felt like a very big step from employment to running a small business, and this is where Jess’ help proved invaluable. She helped turned a giant leap into an assured next step, by working with me across several sessions. I was impressed how Jess to a comprehensive and wide-reaching range of approaches to help me. In the end, I found it to be one of the best investments, as I now look to scale up my consultancy to the next level. I’d strongly recommend anyone beginning a new challenge or looking a change to talk to Jess and see how she may be able to help you.
— VP ,International Brand and Marketing, Global Entertainment Company/ Brand and Marketing Consultant.
Working with Jess was such a positive experience for me. She helped me find clarity on my career situation, where I was at, what I was missing, what I wanted and where I could go.
Whilst working through a series of helpful exercises and questions the sessions never felt formulaic, Jess was always ready to deal with where I was at week to week head on, meaning the sessions always felt relevant, insightful and immediately helpful.
Jess is adept at knowing the best way to get to the root of what you need and helping you to find the path to the answers you’re looking for yourself. I have gone from being unhappy in my day job to being a freelancer with own limited company, some training under my belt and with plans afoot for new moves in my career. I have more confidence and belief in who I am, what I do and what I want.
— VA Freelance Senior Producer
Jess has an incredible knack of drawing out revelations about yourself, your life and - for me - career that you simply wouldn’t discover without the process of coaching.
We methodically worked through where I was at - in both my life-stage and my career - and we didn’t just think about where I was going, but most crucially where I had actually come from.
At times emotional and definitely surprising; through my coaching sessions with Jess I have changed the direction of my life and my career because I now see that anything is possible. I have a clear and definite plan for my future and those wheels are already in motion.
I would like to thank Jess for opening my eyes to new possibilities and giving me the courage to forge ahead and make those opportunities happen. I will continue to work with Jess as my career evolves and changes. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Head of Research. Brand and Advertising.
I worked together with Jess following a health scare which caused me to question my career path. Being committed to my career for 15 years, I did not know where to start. I did not know what the options were; nor what my skills were; nor what I actually wanted in my next job.

Through carefully planned exercises and sessions, Jess and I found answers to the above. By the end, the answers seemed really obvious. However I am grateful to Jess for her exploration, her guidance and her patience which lead to these answers.
— Lawyer. Magic Circle Law Firm